Hollie might possibly have been born with a paint bush in her hand.  Having had multiple family artists that surrounded her in all aspects of her life, she always felt an inspiration to create.  She has shown passion over and over again in her life for the multiple creative areas that she has been and still stays involved with, such as singing, playing the piano, swimming, riding horses, and her favorite of them all…painting!  She is talented in many types of artistic mediums including drawing, pastel chalks, and acrylic paint, but her passion lies in oil painting.  Also known as “The Spiller”, she might appear to be a little clumsy, outside the box, and slightly crazy…but, we can assure you that her heart felt love for having a great time in any situation will draw you in fast.  “Sometimes you have to specifically go out of your way to get into trouble…It’s called FUN!!”  She has a habit of working on a painting, enjoying a few cocktails, listening to some rock n’ music and dancing around until the sun comes up.  Being that she is an incredible people person and over all fun loving lady, she is certain to show her crowd of partying artist an amazing crazy fun time they are sure to never forget. If she doesn’t have a canvas in front of her and paint brush in hand she can be found hanging out with her other half, her husband, singing and playing guitar.  Experiencing a Painting Party Event with Hollie will surely be a fantastic fun time and your sure to leave there with a song in your heart and your own beautiful artwork in hand.

“What some folks call Impossible, is just stuff they haven’t seen before” - Robin Williams


Ann is an artist at heart. Ever since she was a little girl, her outlet has always involved doing something creative. From gymnastics, ice-skating, jazz dance and ballet, to writing poetry and music, singing, playing piano and painting (of course), her passion for the arts is all encompassing. She comes from a large family being the youngest of nine. A gypsy by nature, she has lived all across the United States experiencing life on every level. She has discovered it’s much more fun to color “outside of the lines” and “think outside of the box”, hence her passion for pole fitness. She believes anyone can create art and loves to see it unfold before their eyes. She loves meeting new people and having an awesome time. Her love for art and passion for people comes out at every event, and she’ll probably get you up dancing and singing too! She always says to dance like no one is watching, and even if they are who cares! Come paint with us - she looks forward to meeting you!


Sydney is a natural born artist. Fun and vivacious, she will bring a smile to everyone’s face and help you to discover the natural artist in you. She is our youngest artist, teaching our children’s events, and helping at other events. While she’s not busy at high school or with her boyfriend, you’ll find her with either a brush in her hand or busting out in a random interpretive dance move. She also plays the piano, sings when she thinks no one can hear her, and enjoys spreading her special brand of sunshine on someone’s day. She is a ray of light, which you will learn shortly after meeting her, and Painting Party Events is lucky to have her!


Dedicated to the memory of Cheryl Lowe