What We Do

Painting Party Events brings an artistic flare to a long established past time of just “hanging out” and having a drink at your local watering hole.  Being that we are the only locally owned and operated “paint & Sip” in the Jacksonville area, we strive to create a great partnership with local pubs to increase business on an otherwise slow night.  We offer a completely different opportunity for the pubs patrons to be creative, socialize with friends, have a few drinks, and leave with a painting that they can be proud to say “I did this”!  We offer a stress free environment with a local master artist that walks the crowd through a two hour painting event while playing exciting music and interacting with the all the guests to make sure they are having a fantastic time while painting their own masterpiece.   Painting Party Events takes pride in the fact that we are not a painting “class”, but an extremely fun creative night out in a party atmosphere.  If you are out on date, coming with a group of friends, or experiencing a night out for yourself, Painting Party Events is sure to show you a phenomenal fun artistic time.  Get ready to dance, have a few cocktails, sing along, and of course paint!  Everyone has an artist inside just waiting to explode on a blank canvas!  

- Hollie Grant owner